Day 26: Travel

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Occasionally, your large featherless caretaker may decide to go away to some place where you are not.

This is called “travel.”

You can usually tell that travel is imminent because small wheeled bags will begin to appear on the floor and your Mom will start to fill them with various things. She may even fill them so full she has to sit on top of them to get them to close (this can also be very funny to watch).

You can attempt to delay travel by sitting on the bags, pooping on the contents and shredding the delicate mesh compartments.

"Travel delays" in progress.
“Travel delays” in progress.

If this doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to lay on a healthy dose of “guilt.” At the very least, this effective strategy can win you some tasty treats and extra neck scratches before travel occurs.

Guilt - a sure-fire travel inhibitor.
The expert demonstrates “guilt” – a sure-fire travel inhibitor.
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