Day 265: Pearl Cutts in “Wicker for Two”

Cockatiel with wicker twig

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In the avian world, no effort is to great to win the lady’s heart.

For some feathered beings, the ladies are so selective it is a wonder there is anything at all to incubate once mating season concludes!

Many manly manbirds have been forced to develop elaborate innovations in order to capture the attention of the object of their affections.

Whether it is extra-long tail feathers, unusual cheek wattles, imposing head crests or neon chests, the males of the species bring their A-game to the table, each aiming to outdo all the others for a chance to sit on the wicker throne.

From the outside looking in, it is hard to appreciate what goes into preparations for this, the most important season of the manbird’s year.

Fortunately, famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts explores this timely topic in his latest hit one-avian play:

“Wicker for Two”

It is inevitable at this point….the fans, taking an incomplete idea and running with it, have arrived at the box office encircled (quite literally) in wiry wooden wicker “nests.”

Not only is this costume choice pushing the city sidewalk’s legal width requirements to their limits, it is also bringing up a rather interesting dilemma for box office staff to resolve.

In nearly all cases, the wicker costumes are wider than the theater entrance door! Because of this, staff chooses to open the box office earlier than usual so as to have extra time to maneuver each eager ticket holder through the door and into the aisle for the big show.

In such outfits, sitting down is clearly out of the question.

Cockatiel wicker basket
Well here we are again. Nesting season has arrived. It is time to prepare to dominate my competition once again.
Cockatiel with wicker basket
Luckily, I know a thing or two about “setting the stage.”
Cockatiel with wicker twig
I will just begin by selecting a suitable “prop” with which to perform a romantic number to woo the ladybirds.
Cockatiel bites wicker twig
As every manly manbird knows, nothing says “romance” like fresh hewn wicker.
Cockatiel with wicker twig
A little whirl, a tiny twirl – the ladybirds will be putty in my wings (not to mention my cute pink feet).
Cockatiel with wicker twig
Yup. I believe I can hear them flocking now. Works every time.

The enthralled fans listen with rapt attention to the sound of delicately fluttering ladybird wings approaching. 

Then they seem to snap to, suddenly becoming very busy with selecting and extracting their own wicker twigs from their round brown costumes. 

It almost goes without saying that the visual effect of this is….mesmerizing…although likely not for the reasons they hoped.

The End.Will Pearl’s wicker trick win the ladybirds’ hearts? What do you think?

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