Day 265: The Salad Eaters

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Science has long held that the shape, size, and quantity of teeth you have determines what kind of foods you eat.

But what the researchers frequently (always) fail to factor in is – what about beings who don’t have any teeth?

For instance, what if you have no teeth at all, but you can still eat salad like a pro?

While the scientists sit around with their little pencils and clipboards and scratch their heads, the carnivores marvel, and the herbivores stand in line to learn your techniques.

The omnivores (especially the large ones with no feathers) watch in awe, after which they aim those small rectangular flashing devices right at you to capture the miracle for posterity.

Boy, Mom brought home a great salad!
Boy, look at this great salad Mom brought for me!
And here she comes now, to document my dining for posterity.
And here she comes now with that small rectangular flashing device to document my dining miracle for posterity.
I'll just dig in over here.
I’ll just dig in over here.
Okay, Mom, one press shot, but surely the scientists don't still have questions?!
Okay, Mom, one press shot, but surely the scientists don’t need any more proof?!
I'll just have a few more nibbles for my fans.
I’ll just have a few more nibbles so my fans can take photos.
Whoa. What is that I that.....STYROFOAM?!
Whoa. Wait a minute. What is that I see….is that…..STYROFOAM?!
Mom, please give my fans my apologies....duty calls!
Sorry, Mom. The “dining documentation” project will have to wait. I have a giant styrofoam to kill!!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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