Day 27: Feathery and Fierce

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When you are small, feathery, and fierce, it is only natural to want to keep your hunting skills sharp.

This also helps to maintain your household “alpha” status. Bananas, beet greens, and other delectable edibles can get mighty uppity if left to their own devices.

Banana and beet greens. It appears they are trying to take over my ledge. I will show them who is boss.
Banana and beet greens on my ledge again. I’ll just remind them who is “alpha.”
Oh good, Mom's watching. I always hunt better with an audience.
Oh good, Mom’s watching. She could stand an “alpha” reminder too.
How'd you like me now, beet greens?
How’d ya like me now, beet greens?
I guess they won't be coming 'round here anymore, huh, Mom?
I guess they won’t be coming ’round here anymore, huh, Mom?
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Published by Shannon Cutts

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