Day 27: How to Eat a Waffle, Part I

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Waffle consumption is its own art form.

Like wine sommeliers or coffee snobs, the “waffle gourmand” has a palate heightened through long experience to detect every subtlety of waffle scent, flavor, and texture.

In order to get the most complete picture of a waffle’s unique culinary profile, the connoisseur employs multiple sampling techniques.

These extremely secretive experts are usually reluctant to share their tactics….but every so often a humanitarian appears to break the silence and bring “waffle enjoyment” to the masses!

First, check around you to make sure there are no waffle poachers.
Every true professional knows the first step is always to check the perimeters to make sure there are no poachers (with or without feathers).
Now you can get into position for the first taste test - the "sideways neck-twist sample."
With the perimeter secure, the expert gourmand can get into position for the first taste test.
The "sideways neck-twist taste test" allows you to pick up subtle nuances using your peripheral senses.
The “sideways neck-twist taste test” allows the expert to pick up subtle nuances of the waffle’s overall “flavor profile” using the full range of peripheral senses.
From here, a true expert moves immediately into the next sampling procedure.
From here, the expert moves immediately into position for the next test.
The "forward beak bite taste test" incorporates primary senses of flavor, scent, and texture.
The “forward beak bite taste test” allows the expert gourmand to incorporate primary sensations of flavor, scent, and texture into his preliminary peripheral observations.
Watching a seasoned gourmand at work is like watching a piece of art take shape.
The expert flows from one test to the next, mesmerizing viewers with his grace, poise, and one-pointed focus.
The "tiny nibble taste test" aims to sample for consistency across the waffle.
The “tiny nibble taste test” aims to sample for consistency across the waffle….a hallmark of the world’s finest waffle chefs.

To be continued…..


Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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