Day 271: Cockatiel Grows Granola Trees

Cockatiel with granola

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There is a reason so many large featherless beings like to decorate themselves with feathers.

Feathers make you smarter.

Suddenly you see possibility, potential, pure genius even, where none previously existed.

You get the best ideas! And because you look so cute and feel so confident, you trust your instincts and try your ideas out right away.

For instance, let’s say your large featherless waitress gets your snack order wrong (again). But the delicacy she brings is actually surprisingly good. You want to let her know you’d like to order the same dish again but you know she has a lot of trouble remembering what you order as it is.

So you tune in to your ancient cockatiel gut instincts and instantly you realize it is time to take matters into your own wings.

By flinging a little tidbit or two down to the forest floor each time you nab a fresh morsel, you can repopulate the entire vicinity with fresh crunchy trees of the exact same varietal!

Brilliant. Language barrier? No problemo. Waitress retraining fail? Don’t mention it. You will just wait for your granola trees to grow and then dine at your leisure whenever you want more.

Cockatiel with granola
A very cute, very confident being with feathers enjoys the knowledge that he is repopulating the forest floor with more granola trees even as he snacks!

What kind of tasty trees should Pearl plant next? Send him your suggestions!

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