Day 283: Cockatiel Is His Mommy’s Tweetheart

Cockatiel in travel cage

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Love is a big deal in every species.

When you have love, you have survival of the species.

When you have love, you have wings to fly and a song to sing.

When you have love, you grow cuter every day.

When you have love, you are able to attract a large featherless assistant who will tirelessly (and lovingly) cater to your every want and need.

As they say, all you need is love…..and feathers.

Cockatiel in travel cage
WIth love and feathers, you can make a large featherless being’s day by being their special tweet-heart!

Who is your tweet-heart? Pearl and his mommy would love to hear your stories of “love at first tweet!”


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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

4 thoughts on “Day 283: Cockatiel Is His Mommy’s Tweetheart

  1. Where should I start, I have five tweet stories to tell, but I will tell you Cachi’s story. He was a gift from a friend. I fell in love with Cachi’s baby brother or sister and I’ve asked my friend if I could have him. She said yes, but when I went to pick the baby up, her son fell in love with him too and of course she couldn’t say no, so she offered me Cachi instead. Back then I didn’t know much about cockatiels and I said that I didn’t want that ugly, small “featherless” baby. He was smaller, bald and full of white and dark gray pin feathers, with a pink body to match or as I thought, mismatch. She insisted I should take him, so as I sat with her to chat I took him and cuddled him in my hands. And so we were like that for about 20 minutes in that first unknowingly bonding experience. He fell asleep trustingly in the warmth of my cupped hands, as I distractedly caressed his pins, his little eyes closed and a contented beaky smile. That was it. From then on he had my heart, and so I took him home. It was a warm afternoon, that December 6, almost 8 years ago. He was around three weeks and totally dependent on me for his feeds. He was the one to help me heal from a broken heart when my beloved pearl girl Perlita accidentally flew away three days later, never to be found. He was also my other cockatiels’ savior (3 more at the time) because I was so sad and broken hearted I just wanted to give them all up. But then I thought: I have to go on. After all, Cachi needs me. I can’t fail them. And so I didn’t. ❤

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