Day 286: Cockatiel in the Case of the Empty Plate

Cockatiel by empty plate

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In acting as in life, you just never know what a day may bring.

Some days, your plate may be very full….even full to overflowing.

On other days, your plate may be….empty.

Such is the flexibility required to navigate life as a famous and feathery actor – or even a famous and feathery pint-sized super spy who (allegedly, of course) goes by the moniker of .007.

In this, his newest one-avian play, the famous and feathery – not to mention famously feathery – actor Pearl Cutts stars in:

“The Case of the Empty Plate”

There is no doubt about it. Even for the most devoted fan, dressing up as an empty plate can be a delicate matter.

The fact is, dressing up as a full plate is hard enough, but at least then you have something to muffle the sound if your costume falls off!

All that to say, it doesn’t take a master sleuth to decipher what is causing the cacophony.

Even the rookie recruits the local precinct sends to investigate the increasing (er) volume of noise complaints easily (um) crack the case.

Cockatiel looks at empty plate
Well, I say there – what have we here? You must be my agency contact, Full Plate.
Cockatiel sits by empty plate
Although I must say, you look quite empty to me.
Cockatiel with empty plate
It would seem your contents have absconded. Care to explain?
Cockatiel with empty plate
What’s that you say? The contents heard there was a new one-avian play by their favorite feathery actor and left to see the show?
Cockatiel with empty bird plate
What’s that, “Mom?” My contractually stipulated snack break is here? They say their name is “Contents?” Well how can they all be named “Contents?”
Cockatiel by empty plate
I see. Well, Empty Plate, it would seem we’ve found your lost contents. Clearly this is your first – not to mention last – “black ops” rodeo.
Cockatiel empty plate
Now, what’s that you were saying about my snack break, “Mom?”

Leaving Empty Plate to stew in its own juices, the mysterious large featherless being known only as “Mom” and her petite feathery charge retreat offstage to enjoy a refreshing contractually stipulated repast with Contents, their new agency contact.

Meanwhile, the theater staff can once again be observed making a beeline for the new “earplug stations” as they prepare to escort the tinkling, cracking, crashing costumed fans out of the theater. 

The End.

Pearl loves to get your (five-feather) reviews of his newest one-avian play! 

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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