Day 293: Bird Versus Box

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In the best boxing matches, the odds always seems to favor one fighter.

Typically, the larger, stronger looking fighter is expected to win.

But appearances can be deceiving.

Very deceiving.

You called and I came, Mom - what's up?
You called and I came, Mom – what’s up?
A "boxing match?" Against Goliath here?
A “boxing match?” Against Goliath here?
No problemo.
No problemo. Prepare to become recycled stationary, big boy!
You've already had enough? Well look, we have to make it look good for the fans. Just one more round, okay?
What’s that? You’ve already had enough? I understand, but we have to make it look good for the fans. Just one more round, okay – I know how to make it easy on you.
YAH! YAH! Nom nom nom .....
YAH! YAH! Nom nom nom …..
Boxing matches don't include "snack breaks?" Who didn't read my contract contract clearly stipulates snack breaks.
Boxing matches don’t include “snack breaks?” Who didn’t read my contract again….? My contract clearly stipulates snack breaks!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts



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