cockatiel on cage

Day 295: Grateful for Feathers

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As the day o’ gratitude draws near, it is only natural to find your mind turning to the things you feel thankful for.

Let’s say you are small and covered in feathers.

So you might feel very grateful for those feathers.

And also very grateful for your cute pink feet.

And of course quite grateful for your sweet curved beak.

And it is only natural to feel grateful for your round black eyes and your tuneful singing voice and your extraordinary cuteness.

With so much gratitude welling up inside, it is great to have someone to share it with. Here, your large featherless assistant is the natural choice, especially since she feels really grateful for the exact same things you feel grateful for!

cockatiel on cage
It is great to share your gratitude with your large featherless assistant, especially since what she feels most grateful for is YOU!

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