Day 297: Gratitude with Feathers and Shells

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Here in our little flock, every member has their own reasons to be grateful.

Pearl is grateful for his fine and fetching grey and white feathers. (One glance at his flock mates and it is easy to see how lucky he got in this department.)

He is also very grateful for his tuneful voice. His artistic and creative talent. His cute pink feet. His sweet curved beak. His Tall Tree and his Small Tree (emphasis on “his”). His alpha flock status. His flock mates (minus the ones with the shells). And his VIP fans who know he is the cutest and most feathery flock member….of course.

Malti is grateful for victuals. And meals. And snacks. And treats. Oh, and naps. And relaxation. And siestas. And snoozes.

Bruce is grateful for being rescued. And bravery (especially his own). And lady 3-toed box turtles….if only he could ever find any. And baby box turtles that look just like him (see “lady 3-toed box turtles” for more about this).

cockatiel, redfoot tortoise, box turtle
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & our whole flock send you our gratitude and love!

Their mama is grateful for Pearl, Malti, Bruce, Flash Gordon, the Tall Tree, the Small Tree, her extended precious VIP flock (aka YOU), coffee, wine, the moon, the beach, camping, nature, plush comfy things and so much more…..

Happiest day o’ gratitude to you and your flock from our little flock – we are so thankful for YOU!

Flash Gordon (aka the wild and woolly furred being)
The Tall Tree
The Small Tree

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

2 thoughts on “Day 297: Gratitude with Feathers and Shells

  1. I am grateful for the entire ” tree” household whether they be feathered, shelled, or au natural, for ensuring each of my days starts with a smile and ” cuteness”. Big hugs to all.

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