Day 298: Green and Leafy

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There is a reason beings who dine out enjoy reading about the dish selection before ordering.

First, you want to verify that the chefs know what they are putting in their own dishes.

Second, you want to test out the paper the descriptions are printed on (thicker, crunchier paper = finer dining).

And third, you want to be able to test your waitress to make sure the dish she brings you is the dish you asked for.

Oh boy. It's the new waitress again. I got her last time and she has no idea what she's doing.
Oh boy. It’s the new waitress again. I got her last time. I don’t know what she brought me but it definitely wasn’t the dish I ordered.
And you said this dish is called what?
And you said this dish is called what?
“Green and leafy?” Well, yes, that is actually the dish I ordered. This time.
And it doesn't seem to scare easily either....always a good sign.
And it doesn’t seem to scare too easily either….always a good sign.
Okay, fine, I'll try some.
Okay, fine, I’ll try some.
The smell is clean and refreshing.
The scent is clean and refreshing. And the flavor profile is surprisingly….decent.
And the flavor profile is surprisingly....decent. But tell the chef this would be much tastier if served "en waffle."
But I was sure the description said it came “en waffle.” Yes I’m positive it did. Tell the chef that would make it much tastier indeed.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts



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