Day 303: Sharing is Caring

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In the wild, the mightiest predators (lions, polar bears, et al) are often surprisingly generous about sharing.

They can afford to be.

Since they can bring down most anything they feel like ingesting, it is like being first in line at a variety buffet.

They take their favorite bits and leave the other items for (less mighty) diners.

A polar bear on the prowl for scrumptious prey.
A polar bear on the prowl for scrumptious, shareable prey. -Image courtesy of Wikipedia

In the same way, and especially when you cohabitate in flocks, when you are the best hunter, it is only polite not to hog the whole prey for yourself.

After all, sharing is caring.

This prey looks meaty and ample - perfect for sharing.
This prey looks meaty and ample – perfect for sharing.
Hi prey. Consider yourself "brought down."
Hi prey. Consider yourself “brought down.”
Now hold still and I'll just select which bits I want.
Now hold still and I’ll just select which bits I want.
Geez, the buffet line is getting pushy today!
Geez, the “variety buffet” line is unusually pushy today!
Okay. I think I'm full.
Ahhhh. I think I’m finally feeling full.
Here, Mom - I left all this for you!
Okay, Mom – it’s all yours!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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