cockatiel with plastic bag

Day 304: Cockatiel Is Heading In

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Even the brightest light in the chandelier (or the loudest songster in the choir) can still find ways to improve.

The best only stay the best because they are constantly bettering their skills.

Say you are a “black ops” super-secret agent. Your legend precedes you. The merest whisper of your name, “.007,” sends ferocious foes cowering for cover.

But you don’t take your skillset for granted. You are forever practicing, refining, upping your game, taking it to the next level.

As an example, perhaps one day you are out and about, tending to what needs tending to, when all of a sudden a threat is detected.

Your ever-present surveillance tail doesn’t wait around to get the lay of the land. Even the paparazzi scatters. A vast and quiet stillness descends over the immediate vicinity.

Everyone seems frozen in fear. Except, of course, for you.

No one intimidates .007.

You stride right up to the stranger in a strange land and proceed with your interrogation!

cockatiel with plastic bag
You there! Yes, you, the clear crinkly one! Identify yourself! State your name, rank and serial number for the record.

It doesn’t take long before word spreads that .007 has the suspect in hand.

Slowly, steadily, heads peak out from behind corners.

Whispers become flashbulbs as the paparazzi catches the scent of a headline-worthy story in the making.

cockatiel with plastic bag
You say you used to be animal crackers? A likely story. You don’t look anything like animals. Although you smell…..quite good….. What’s that you say? You taste even better? I’ll hold you to it…..

Suddenly, the only sound that can be heard is the occasional crinkle over the steady cadence of crunching.

Here, not only did you diffuse a potential threat, further adding to your (already stellar) reputation, but you also refreshed your skill set and got a tasty snack.

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