cockatiel and dachshund

Day 307: The Parrot and the Pupperazzi

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While it is true that the large featherless beings are slavishly devoted to feathers, they aren’t the only species to feel this way.

Turns out beings with fur can be pretty fond of feathers too!

Sometimes this is because of how tunefully (loudly) parrots can sing.

Sometimes it is due to “cuteness.”

But most often it is due to feathered beings’ tendency to repopulate the forest floor with snacks while they dine.

cockatiel and dachshund
Often beings with feathers will eat some snacks and let some fall to repopulate the forest floor – conservation at its finest!

Once the granola or chip or home-baked bread seeds flutter down to the ground, some will take root and grow into a lush new forest.

Others will be gobbled up by the savvy furred beings waiting for them below.

cockatiel with dachshund
When this happens, not all of the snack seeds will take root – on account of the hungry furred beings waiting down below.

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