Day 31: Stealth Millet

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Developing efficient hunting skills takes time, dedication and lots of practice.

The wilier the prey, the more skillful the hungry hunter must be.

This is why, historically speaking, the best hunters have typically had feathers.

For both ancient and modern hunters, the presence of feathers accomplishes two key purposes:

  1. It gives you a healthy dose of distracting “cuteness” to stun your prey into submission.
  2. It acts like a cloaking device to let you stalk your prey with total stealth.

And sure, as a feathery hunter today, you might be a smidgen more petite than your now-extinct feathered ancestors, but that doesn’t mean you are any less fierce and ferocious!

A petite yet supremely fierce and ferocious feathered hunter stealthily (and successfully!) stalks his millet prey.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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