Day 310: Cockatiel Attends Crestaholics Meeting

whiteface cockatiel crest

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As a manly (single, solo, suave) manbird, there is no doubt having a full-feathered crest can make you a hit with the ladybirds.

But it can also make you a frequent target of the (large, featherless, crest-less) paparazzi.

It comes with the territory.

What the ladybirds want, the ladybirds get.

And yet, dealing with all the publicity, the popping flashbulbs, the peering eyes, the adulation – it can start to get a bit….wearing.

When this sets in, there is only one thing for it. You need support.

So you head to your local Crestaholics meeting.

whiteface cockatiel crest
Heading to your local Crestaholics meeting is the smart choice when all the fame and fans gets to be a bit much.

Of course, when you plan your route to the meeting, you want to be sure to be extra-stealthy in how you get there.


whiteface cockatiel with long crest
“Mom?” What are you doing here at the Crestaholics meeting!? You don’t even have a crest!

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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