Day 313: Parrot Watching

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On the whole, featherless beings tend to enjoy spending a lot of their free time watching other featherless beings.

They call this activity “people watching.”

Of course, their interest in people watching quickly fades once they are introduced to a much more enjoyable alternative, “parrot watching.”

“Parrot watching” has twice the prettiness and none of the irritation.

Reason being: everything a parrot does is cute.

Sleeping, bathing, pooping, preening….all activities are camera-worthy (as well as eminently shareable).

In summary – parrot watching is the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to make the whole world a prettier, cuter, better place.

Follow this easy example to become a “parrot watcher” right away:

Cute parrot exits shower.
Here is a very cute freshly showered parrot.
Here is a very cute parrot sitting on his ledge.
Here, a very cute parrot poses for the camera.
Here is a very cute parrot guarding his chew toy from poachers.
Here, a very cute parrot poses beside freshly killed prey.
Here is a very cute parrot posing beside freshly killed prey.
Here, a very cute parrot poses in his "manly manbird" nest.
Here is a very cute parrot posing in his “manly manbird” nest.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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