Day 318: Happy Happy Double Flock Birthday!

pearl cockatiel

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Life itself is precious….there is no doubt about it.

But what makes life extra precious is the chance to live with an interspecies flock.

Your family is all colors, all genders, all shapes and sizes.

Some are little and loud while others are little and not so loud.

And some are always growing bigger (mostly because they are always starving).

But one thing is the same for everyone: at some point in every year, you all get one year older.

Sometimes two flock members will even reach that point at the exact same time.

When this happens, well, if one birthday is fun and festive, two birthdays is doubly fun and festive!

Even more importantly, when two birthdays happen at once, there are twice the delicacies to enjoy and share – all prepared to order by the flock-wide Small Chef, of course!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our flock “alpha,” the one, the only, the fabulous and feathery Pearl Cutts – AND we celebrate the birthday of his doting mama and the flock’s official large featherless assistant, Shannon!


pearl cockatiel
A fabulous and feathery flock “alpha” gets ready to welcome all of his VIP fans to his big birthday festivities!

Today, we celebrate with our whole extended flock – yes, that means YOU – so wherever you are today, give yourself a BIG HUG from us and do something wonderfully nice for yourself. You deserve it and we love you!

Flash Gordon
The Tall Tree
The Small Chef
The official large featherless/shell-less assistant


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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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