cockatiel perched on windowsill

Day 319: A Cockatiel’s Feather Coat

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The large featherless beings are sometimes understandably jealous that they pop out, well, featherless.

There really isn’t any more delicate way to say it.

But just because you got all the good DNA doesn’t mean you don’t still need help staying warm when temperatures drop.

And of course, with “cuteness” at your service, you can expect your slavishly devoted large featherless assistant to offer up all the best and coziest heating accessories in the casa at the very first sign of a feather fluff.

cockatiel perched on windowsill
Thanks to “cuteness,” all you have to do is gently fluff out your grey and white feathers to let your assistant know you’d like some extra warmth, pronto.
cockatiel on heating pad
Before you know it, you will be installed comfortably right on top of a perfectly-sized birdie heater, with your MommyGuard on full alert to monitor the warming-up process.

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