Day 321: Pomegranate Reconnaissance

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Being .007, pint-sized super spy, is a role that requires a great amount of diplomacy.

And an equally great amount of “suaveness.”

For example, let’s say you detect a potential security threat.

Others may not think there is anything to worry about, but they are not Pearl Bond.

So you must proceed with as much diplomacy (read: prettiness) and suaveness (read: cuteness) as possible to put the threat through its paces without anyone else becoming alarmed.

Yup. My .007 "threat detection instincts" never fail me.
Yup. My .007 “threat detection instincts” never fail me. This being looks very suspicious indeed.
Now look here, round green thing. This is a secure area. You need to have clearance. Show me your clearance.
Now look here, round green thing. This is a secure area. You need to have clearance. Show me your clearance.
"Lost your clearance?" As if. So now it is time to find it - and quickly.
“Lost your clearance?” A likely story.
Don't make me have to go looking for it!
Don’t make me have to break out the “prettiness” and “cuteness!”
I'll bet you don't have a security clearance at all.
Oh, and I’ll have to confiscate this clear crinkly vehicle of yours.
Of course this means you will be removed from the premises ASAP - and I will need to confiscate this clear crinkly vehicle you arrived in.
Well it doesn’t really matter if you don’t want to give it to me. At this point, you’re lucky I’m not confiscating YOU!
What's that, Mom? A fruit snack? No - I definitely wouldn't eat that one if I were you. I am just about to escort him off the premises.
What’s that, Mom? I’m looking especially pretty and cute today? Funny you should say that – this green being and I were just chatting about that exact same thing!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts



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