Day 322: A Beacon of Cuteness

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All over certain parts of the world, there are landbound structures called “lighthouses.”

These structures emit periodic bright beams of light that contain messages.

Typically, these messages are meant to alert other, still-floating structures (which, oddly, come equipped with a set of wings even though they never seem to use them) about hidden dangers like rocks or rough waters.

Without such alerts, it can be hard to predict where danger may lurk.

Take “cuteness,” for example.

When you are very cute (which typically means you have feathers), it is only polite to warn approaching beings so they can adequately prepare themselves…..or choose to turn back if the danger is too great.

If you want to do some “acting” to really emphasize the dangers, this can also be quite helpful.

Here, the beacon is in "cuteness alert standby mode."
Here, the beacon is in “cuteness alert standby mode.”
But watch what happens when a being begins to approach.
But then the beacon begins to detect the approach of a being.
The beacon springs into action, using "acting" to emphasize the dangers of "cuteness overexposure."
Suddenly, the beacon springs into action, using “acting” to emphasize to the approaching being the many dangers of “cuteness overexposure.”
Back in standby mode again, the beacon contemplates a restful nap.
Back in standby mode again, the beacon proceeds to power down for a restful nap.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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