cockatiel sitting on fluffy throw

Day 322: If You Like It Put a Feather On It

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As a flocking species, you can always count on a little friendly competition for the best roosting spots.

This can make leaving a prime seat problematic.

Often, when you return to reclaim your roost, you may find it has a new occupant!

So you have to find a way to let the other flock members know it is reserved.

Luckily nature, in her infinite wisdom, has gifted you with an extensive collection of soft grey and white feathers.

So when you find a roosting spot you particularly enjoy, right before you depart just put a feather on it.

This is as good as – better than – a “reserved” sign, guaranteeing it will be waiting for you free and clear upon your return.

cockatiel sitting on fluffy throw
The best seats in the casa can be hotly competitive…unless you know what to do.
cockatiel feather
A strategically-placed feather can serve handily as a “reserved” sign – letting other flock members know this seat is taken.

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