Day 324: Happiest Holidays From Our Flock to Yours!

box turtle about to hibernate

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To YOU, our dearest treasured VIP extended flock member,

So much has transpired during this last year we have shared together!

For starters, we have all nearly completed another whole year on this round blue planet.


If that wasn’t already enough of an accomplishment in itself, some of us have also come out of and then gone back into hibernation – all in the same year.

box turtle about to hibernate
Hibernating is hard work – especially if you have to both come out and go back in all in the same year!

Others of us have eaten a lot and grown a lot and are still primed to eat and grow even more.

redfoot tortoise eating lettuce
For some flock members, it is hard to even find time for growing when you have so much eating to do!

And still others of us have preened and molted and preened and molted and concluded this year in full fine feather.

cockatiel preening feathers
Preening every single feather every single day is a lot of work, but clearly it is worth it – just look at the results!

It is a lot to pack into a single year’s time.

Yet we have still found time to write to you every single day for nearly 365 days straight, and oh what a joy it has been.

Every day, new adventures unfold. Every day, there is more to learn about ourselves, one another and our dear ones near and far.

Lucky, lucky us.

In whatever way you choose to celebrate this year, please know that here in Texas, we are celebrating YOU and feeling grateful for another wonderful year together.

As Pearl always reminds his mommy (about every other minute and any time she forgets again and breaks direct line-of-sight), together is always better.

Happiest holidays from our little flock to yours, wherever around the world you are when you receive this letter.

May you be safe, warm, well fed (VERY well fed, Malti emphasizes), happy, healthy, with all that you need and some to share.

Flash Gordon
The Tall Tree
The Small Chef
The large featherless/shell-less assistant


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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

6 thoughts on “Day 324: Happiest Holidays From Our Flock to Yours!

  1. Happy holidays Shannon from my flock to yours. Mary, Merlin (aka Merlybird), Princess, Xiang, Kismet (aka Kizzy) and Buddha (aka Buddhabird).

  2. Merry Christmas Wishes🎄To Pearl; Malti & Bruce
    Love; Hugs & Blessings 🎄From Hershey; Lizzie & myself.

  3. What a lovely, lovely year end letter to remind us all that we are interconnected one to another, in whatever form we may inhabit at the time. Much love to our wonderful girl!

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