Day 324: Sous Chef

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Every great chef can benefit by having a talented sous chef (with feathers) by their side.

Plus, if the chef happens to suffer a wing injury, she can delegate certain key tasks to her equally talented sous chef during the healing period.

I can tell Grandma is searching for recipes.
Poor Grandma. She can’t use her left wing. I know how that feels. I’ll just help her out.
I'll just start preening to get her attention.
First, I will lift her spirits by focusing her attention on “prettiness” (this always makes me feel better right away.)
While she's looking in that rectangular glowing thing I'll start looking over here.
Now that Grandma’s smiling, I will just jump in and put her mind at ease by helping.
This is the same kind of crunchy paper she normally consults when she cooks.
This paper is so crispy and thin – I’ll bet this is the “shreddables” pile.
I'll bet there are some recipes hiding in here.
I’m very good at shredding.
Any sous chef worth his title knows the best way to
Don’t worry, Grandma – I’m on this!
You just rest your wing - I'll have this pile shredded for you in no time!
You just rest your wing – I’ll have this pile shredded for you in no time!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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