Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!

wet cockatiel

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It can be challenging work – juggling an empire.

One minute you are engrossed in planning your newest one-avian hit play.

The next minute you are called away for some top secret mission – allegedly.

Each free moment is occupied in turn….from “fixer-upper” nest flipping projects for the spring ladybird season to (even more) retraining sessions for your large featherless assistant.

wet cockatiel
Set against a simple, stark white backdrop, the genius of the new line instantly becomes clear.
wet cockatiel
In a feat once thought to be impossible, the Wet Bird Couture CEO and flagship superbirdmodel effortlessly combines “manly manbird-ness” with “cuteness.”
wet cockatiel
There is no doubt this is the line fans and fashion folks will be talking about for decades to come.
wet cockatiel
In the fierce, focused and fabulous finale, a master craftsbird brings it all back to basics by juxtaposing those two most classic of all classic colors: grey and white.

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