Day 326: A Dining Regular (with feathers)

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There are many advantages to frequenting the same restaurant again and again.

For starters, you know they will always have “that thing you like.”

Also, the chef can get to know your dining preferences and whip up special dishes just for you.

Plus, the customer service is typically excellent when you are a dining “regular.”

Well, this sure looks scrumptious.
Well, this is a new dish – it sure looks scrumptious.
I'm sure Mom won't mind sharing.
The Small Chef must have made it just for me.
I'll just dig right in.
I sure am glad I come to this restaurant often – the cuisine is tasty and the service is excellent.
Well, I'll be! Both crunchy and crumbly - perfect for "excavation while dining."
I can see why the Small Chef thought I would enjoy this – crispy and flavorful on the outside….
With such "excavatable" material (a technical term) this demonstration will be a breeze!
….soft and shreddable on the inside.
Oh, there's Mom. She sure looks proud!
And here comes my waitress now – why yes – you read my mind – I will take the rest “to go.”
It seems she is eager to learn my "consumption by excavation" dining method, because she keeps pointing that flashing rectangular thing at me.
And please give my compliments to the Small Chef. I will be back very soon!

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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