Day 327: Brunch Buffet

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When you have feathers but take your meals amongst beings without feathers, you never can predict what a day’s dining will bring.

For instance, for some meals they may serve what they call a “preset menu.”

This is where everyone eats the same thing at the same time.

But then for other meals, they may serve something different called a “buffet menu.”

During a buffet, everyone eats different things at the same time.

With buffet dining in particular, you have to be quick, decisive, and (ideally) first in line to claim the choicest portions.

When claiming hotly contested items, it also helps if you are small, feathery, and very cute.

Hmmm. This buffet dish looks.....interesting.
Hmmm. This buffet dish looks…..interesting.
I'll just take a tiny nibble.
I’ll just take a tiny sample.
I'll pass on that one.....ooooh! Pretty!
Nope. I’ll pass on that one…..ooooh! Pretty!
Now this dish I recognize.
Now this dish I recognize.
Yup - I'd know this flavor anywhere.
Yup – I’d know this flavor anywhere.
I'll just climb on to claim it.
I’ll just climb on to stake my claim.
Boy! Today’s “buffeters” are sure aggressive! Time to deploy “small feathery cuteness.”

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts



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Published by Shannon Cutts

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