Day 331: A Very Happy New Year Bird

grey and white cockatiel

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The start of a fresh new set of 365 days is always cause to celebrate.

Heck, even beings who can’t grow their own feathers tend to get very happy on such an occasion.

If you are lucky enough to be a being who can grow your own feathers, the start of a new year means just one thing….

365 whole days to show them off!

Putting your fluffy cockatiel feathers on display now is also great practice for the spring nesting season and all those choosy ladybirds who will want proof of how cute your eggs will look.

grey and white cockatiel
When you look this fluffy and feathery, you don’t need much practice to convince the ladybirds yours will be the cutest eggs!
Just to make sure each feather brings their A-game, it is smart to keep a small reflective device nearby for random surprise spot-checks.
cockatiel feet
Even the choosiest ladybirds will cave when you bring out the big guns – a very feathery close-up!

Happiest New Year from our little flock to yours!

The Tall Tree
The Small Tree
Flash Gordon (aka the wild and woolly furred being

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