Day 333: Mimosas with Grandma

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It is no secret that brunch is the best meal of the day.

Not only is this the meal when waffles (that most divine of delicacies) are most likely to be served, but your large featherless flock is nearly guaranteed to be in a good mood.

This, of course, is on account of the strange bubbling liquid they all seem so fond of.

I'm so happy to be here at Grandma's for brunch.
I’m so happy to be here at Grandma’s for brunch….I can hardly wait for the waffles to come out!
And my featherless flock seems to be in an especially good mood....
Grandma seems to be in an unusually good mood….in fact, the whole featherless flock seems especially cheery.
Clearly it is high time I tried this bubbling liquid for myself.
Of course it is no secret why.
So cheery, in fact, that they are actually letting me get quite near the bubbling liquid....which is usually closely guarded.
I don’t know. It doesn’t look like anything special to me.
Well I'll just take a beak-full and find out for myself if it is as tasty as they seem to think it is.
I’ll just take a beak-full and see for myself.
Uh oh. Here comes Mom. She doesn't look nearly so cheerful as the rest of the flock.
Clearly, that dish is an acquired taste. Hopefully I’ll get lucky enough to never acquire it…

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts



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