Day 334: A Big and Fluffy Bird

big fluffy sleeping cockatiel

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There is no doubt being a big bird can be a survival-of-the-fittest advantage.

The ladybirds take one look at you and think “well fed!”

The predators take one look at you and think “fierce and ferocious!”

Being very fluffy can also have its evolutionary advantages.

For ladybirds, fluffiness equals cuteness. And cuteness equals adorable eggs they will be proud to raise.

As for predators, well, let’s be honest. Who wants to dine on a mouthful of fluffy feathers?

Bleh. They’ll pass. (Thank goodness.)

So if being big is good and being fluffy is good, then being big AND fluffy is like winning the genetic lottery.

In a word….egg-citing.

big fluffy sleeping cockatiel
A smart, savvy, big and fluffy manly manbird snoozes to keep his strength up for the egg-citing ladybird season soon to come!

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