Day 337: A Nesting Bird Never Rests

cockatiel sits on mom's foot

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Nesting season is rigorous without a doubt.

Depending on your species, you may be required to break out the song and dance (literally) to win your lady’s heart.

Alternately, you may be tasked with presenting one (or several) suitable potential nesting sites for the ladybirds to evaluate at their leisure.

Since the ladies may change their mind about what they want in a nest site at a moment’s notice, you will want to have plenty of options prepared in advance.

From cozy to spacious, down-homey to ultra-modern, high-up to low-down, a ladybird’s wish is your command.

cockatiel sits on mom's foot
Having a variety of nesting locations ensures the ladybirds will find what they are looking for and look no further!

That is, as long as you can successfully defend your selected sites from potential (large, featherless) nest poachers.

cockatiel sits on slipper
Ultimately, your nest selection is only as good as your ability to bring the “fierceness” to defend it against prospective nest poachers.


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