Day 340: The Best Nest Defense

cockatiel nests in wicker basket

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Nesting season is not for amateurs.

And there is a reason the ladybirds today are so choosy.

After all, it only takes a second to make an egg, but it takes weeks to guard all that round white cuteness.

And it takes even more weeks to feed those precious soft downy mouths….teach them to preen….to fly….to forage….to make adorably cute eggs of their own….

Raising eggs is definitely a job for two.

And it all starts with nest defense.

The best nest offense is a good nest defense, as the saying goes.

When you show the ladybirds you’ve got what it takes to keep the poachers out and the eggs in, you can bet you’ll have a nest full of feathers come spring!

cockatiel nests in wicker basket
The manbird of the nest can never let his defense lapse for even a second. Ladybirds prize vigilance above all else.
cockatiel nests in wicker basket
Any manbird worth nesting with will always be making refinements here, adjustments there, making sure his ladybird and her eggs are as cozy and comfy as can be.
cockatiel nests in wicker basket
And if any poachers dare to show their faces near the nesting site….well, you can be sure they won’t dare to do it twice!

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