Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit

cockatiel crunches biscuit

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The mightiest of palates can sometimes be found in the tiniest of places.

After all, when you only have so much holding capacity in your cute little gullet, you don’t want to waste it on sub-par delicacies.

Only the tastiest and most flavorful fare will do.

Here, quantity is irrelevant. Quality is all that matters.

In other words, there is no such thing as “supersizing” in the world of the true gourmand.

A victual can be enormous but unremarkable, although this is not always the case.

Ultimately, each new candidate delicacy must pass the most rigorous of tests before making its way to the plate. In the process, it will be chomped. It will be crunched. It will be crumbled. It will be flung here, there and everywhere.

Those morsels that pass the test will be immortalized in the only way that matters – they will get chosen to go “down the hatch” to everlasting heroism and glory.

cockatiel with biscuit
The nervous new delicacy about to undergo a rigorous battery of tests.
cockatiel tastes biscuit
The stakes are high but the prize is worth it.
cockatiel crunches biscuit
Only a lucky few are selected to go “down the hatch” to immortal fame and glory.

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