Day 347: Steamed Greens

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There are many things about featherless culture that can feel somewhat….mystifying.

For example, they like to take true menu classics – like fresh and crispy leafy greens for instance – and, well, customize them.

Oh my! What have we here....?
Oh my! What have we here….?
Yes I'm sure of it....didn't I just see you in my breakfast salad this morning?
Yes I’m sure of it….didn’t I just see you in my breakfast salad this morning?
What on earth happened?
What on earth happened?
"Steamed?" Really? That looks rather....unpleasant.
“Steamed?” Really? That looks rather….unpleasant.
And the chef was....yup, I should have known.
And the chef was….yup, I should have known.
Mom, what part of "stay out of my kitchen" was unclear?
Mom, what part of “stay out of my kitchen” was unclear?

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts



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