cockatiel with a cocktail

Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail

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The large featherless beings invest a lot of energy in entertaining.

There are rituals and routines, decorations and delicacies.

Some days get hardly any attention at all while others are eagerly awaited all year long.

It’s kinda weird.

But then again, not everyone can be born with fluffy grey and white feathers all over their cute round bodies that makes every day feel naturally festive.

Not everyone has adorable pink feet and a sweet curved beak and soulful black eyes to charm and captivate and create instant celebration.

No need to plan for festivities when you are the festivities!

cockatiel with a cocktail
All you have to do is show up and look very cute.
cockatiel with his featherless flock
Before you know it your whole flock will be gathered around you to enjoy the festivities!

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