cockatiel nests in amazon box

Day 352: Amazon Sends Cockatiel a Nest

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Nesting season brings special challenges when you are a non-migratory species…or at least more of a locally migrating species.

Whole new nesting season. All the same nesting sites.

This means you may need to get really creative to find overlooked gems that your competitors don’t have the vision or creative talent to scope out.

Or, as the old saying goes, when you are looking for true love, everything looks like a nest.


Here is a great example.

Let’s say your large featherless assistant brings home a package for you. Sure, the inside of the package is filled with your birdseed (plus various other totally uninteresting odds and ends that only she seems to enjoy).

But the outside. Wow.

It just pops right out at you!

As they say in the home improvement industry, it has “good bones.”

You, visionary that you are, see the potential for a cockatiel nest box right away and dive into the renovation process. With any luck, you will have it fully occupied before spring has even sprung!

cockatiel nests in amazon box
It might as well have N.E.S.T. written all over it. So sturdy! So roomy! So much ladybird potential!

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