Day 355: Corn Chips for Feathers

cockatiel climbs into chip bag

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When you are covered in fetching feathers, being envied is a fact of life.

Everywhere you look, you see other (less fortunate, featherless) beings stressing and straining to grow feathers of their own.

But no luck.

For you, it just comes naturally. Every day new feathers just show up. You turn around and – oh look – there’s another one!

Of course, sometimes feathers fall out too. Not everyone can handle the fame, the fans, the fearless and focused featherless paparazzi.

Often beings without feathers ask if they can have your old ones – the ones that couldn’t hack it.

These requests, of course, you just have to take on a case-by-case basis.

cockatiel in corn chip bag
Oh hello there. You must be my fans. What’s that you say? You were hoping for some of my old feathers? And you brought this shiny reflective bag full of crunchy flingable treats to barter with?
cockatiel climbs into chip bag
Well it is quite shiny and reflective, I agree. And yes, the treats are very crispy with great trajectory. Ladybirds? Yes, I think the ladybirds might like this very much. Well let’s see then…I think I can rustle up a few extra feathers for you to enhance your, um, visual, er, appeal….

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