Day 36: Plastic for Everyone

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If you are a large featherless being, you probably think plastic is a great invention to carry food and drinks around from place to place.

But if you are a small feathery being, you know what the featherless beings don’t – plastic has plenty of other charms.

For instance, it is transparent and crinkly. It bends easily between your hinged curved beak. You can bite through it (which provides hours of entertainment as well as personal satisfaction at a job well done).

Because plastic is lightweight by nature (like you), you can also easily drag it around or drop it. If you drop it when your large featherless caretaker is nearby, she might pick it up for you (thereby beginning a round of your fav game, “I drop it and you pick it up.”)

Someone small and feathery with a plastic victim firmly in his grip.
Someone small and feathery about to begin a new fun round of “I drop it and you pick it up.”
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Published by Shannon Cutts

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