Day 365: Want 365 More Days of Pearl? Here’s What to Do!

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Hi – the large featherless being here. 🙂

Wow. W.O.W. WOW.

Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that we were only on Day 1?

And yet here we are already – at Day 365!

The fetching and very feathery face of the hit series “365 Days of Pearl.”

But never fear – there is plenty more adventuring where these 365 days came from.

And Pearl himself is raring to go – he is eager to launch right into another 365 days.

His tireless featherless assistant, however, is, well…..tired.

Keeping up with a feathery and very famous charge – especially one who insists you write his blog AND his biography book at the same time while still trying to earn enough funds for rent and waffles – can really wear a Mom out!

Luckily, you can help!

Mommies love their birdies. Period, the End. :-)
Mommies love their birdies. Period, the End. 🙂

Want “365 More Days of Pearl?” Show Your Support Now!

OPTION 1: Add your name to the list of those who want Pearl’s new book when it is published (no payment needed – no obligation to pay – ever – just sign your name to say you want the book!)


OPTION 2: Pre-pay for your copy of Pearl’s new book (and we will send it to you as soon as it is published – no matter where you live – and even if we have to fly it to you ourselves!)


Pearl thanks you and his doting and very proud mommy thanks you for your support!


Pearl & Shannon

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