Day 38: I Love You

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Parronts quickly get used to saying “I love you” several (many, hundreds of) times per day.

This is because parrots are literally cuteness on legs.

Not to mention that the very moment you say the words “I love you,” the parrot in question will likely respond by doing something even cuter.

Of course, this will simply initiate another autonomic round of “I love you’s” issuing in your parrot’s general direction.

You can’t help it. It is a disease. You may think it is curable but that ended the day you brought home a parrot.

Your parrot, of course, already knows you are hopelessly infected.

And because parrots love your undivided attention almost as much as they love waffles and pooping on the carpet, they will continue upping the cuteness ante as long as it continues to generate additional endless rounds of “I love you’s.”

Which is forever.

Someone (very cute) with feathers prepares to enjoy another endless round of parrontal “I love you’s” from his large featherless (sucker) caretaker.
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