Day 44: Cooking

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Sometimes the large featherless being gets busy in the kitchen.

This can be scary (you have tasted some of her “creations”) so the best way you can help her is to try your best to distract her with cuteness if possible.

For instance, if you see she is trying to make a complicated dish like steamed broccoli, you can start shrieking.

At this point she will usually panic and attempt to find something entertaining to distract you.

Like raw broccoli. This serves a dual purpose: it refocuses her on that flashing thing she likes to aim in your direction, and it gets the broccoli safely out of her reach.

Thanks Mom! This looks....interesting.
Thanks Mom! This looks….interesting.
Gotta keep her hooked - I'll take a big (cute) bite.
Gotta keep her hooked – I’ll take a big (cute) bite.
Now I'll display my "broccoli beak." Yup - she's putting the broccoli back in the frig (to save later for me since I like it so much). Whew.
Now I’ll display my (cute) “broccoli beak.” Yup – she’s putting the broccoli back in the frig (to save for later for me since I seem to like it so much). Whew.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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