Day 46: The Crinkle and the Crackle

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When you are chock-full of natural musical talent and singing ability, sometimes you have to audition backing musicians.

While you can keep a beat very well all by yourself, having a rhythm section can add more depth and drama to your musical selections.

Of course you have to audition your backing musicians personally, meeting them up close and checking out all their moves to be sure they have what it takes to accompany a real pro.

Here is some rare footage captured during a recent audition!

So you want to audition to be my backing musician. Do you have any talent?
You don’t have very striking coloration for a stage show – I would suggest adding some “grey and white” to class up your act some.
What do you mean, “but you can crinkle and crackle?”
Oh, yes, Mom, this backing musician says he can “crinkle and crackle.” I’m just about to put him through his paces.

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