Day 46: The Sopranos

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While featherless and feathered beings look quite different on the outside, upon closer inspection they do enjoy a surprising number of the same hobbies.

For example, they both like to eat waffles.

They both like to take naps.

And they both like to sit in front of the large rectangular glowing thing for hours.

But if you have feathers, in many of these programs, the casting can be a bit….lackluster.

Take, for instance, the popular television program “The Sopranos.”

From title alone, you would assume the being doing the casting had many vivacious and charismatic beings with feathers firmly in mind.


The coloration is classic, but even the most cursory inspection pinpoints a distinct lack of feathers in this cast. (image courtesy of
No wonder the cast looks so grumpy. There’s not one single feather anywhere in sight! (image courtesy of

Luckily, your own acting expertise has made you perfectly equipped to suggest fresh casting ideas to spice up these tired old shows.

Such as….

Whoa. Hey, Mom - come check this out!
Whoa. Hey, Mom – come check this out!
This cast would be perfect to replace those grumpy featherless beings in that show you like!
This cast would be a perfect fit for that show you like!
Hey guys, what'd'ya think? Want to be on TV?
Hey guys, what’d’ya think? Want to be on TV?
What's that? Waffles? Sure there'll be waffles during filming breaks!
What’s that? Waffles? Sure there’ll be waffles during filming breaks!
They'll do it, Mom, but they want waffles during every break.
They’ll do it, Mom, but they want freshly toasted waffles during every break.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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