Day 49: Serenading Your Sister

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There is something so magical about wings.

Everyone wants them.

If you have wings, other beings are always studying you, trying to figure out how you grew yours and if they can copy you and achieve lift-off.

Of course, most beings are not, well, aerodynamically inclined.

Take your shelled sister, for example. If ever there was a being not designed for life in the air, it is her.

Feathery Pearl and his shelled sister, Malti, as opposite as any two flock mates ever could be.

But opposite though you might be, there is one thing that always brings you together – the power of music!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon

Watch & Listen: Pearl & his mommy read from “Love & Feathers”

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise and box turtle mama. Author, writer, pet & people blogger.

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