Day 56: Claiming Ownership

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When you share a household with other individuals, sometimes it becomes necessary to label your possessions so everyone knows they are yours.

There are various methods of claiming ownership – all equally effective in their own way.

For instance, you can poop on the item. Even if others try to clean off the poop and reclaim it, you know you always have more where that came from.

You can also destroy the item. Once it doesn’t look so new and shiny any more, usually most other individuals will lose interest and then it is all yours.

Finally, you can crouch on the item and hiss. For extra emphasis you can also strike. While this method is reserved for individuals who persist in cluelessly attempting to claim your item, it can be very effective as a last resort.

The model demonstrates the "crouch, hiss, and (if necessary) strike" method of claiming ownership.
The model demonstrates the “crouch, hiss, and (if necessary) strike” method of claiming ownership.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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