Day 58: Repopulating the Forest Floor

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Feathered beings who have curved bills are notoriously enthusiastic (messy) eaters.

For every particle that goes down the hatch, so to speak, there are 10 or a trillion particles that somehow escape the hatch.

These escapees fall down, down, down until they encounter whatever surface happens to be underneath the snacking parrot in question.

Then they lay there until one of two things occur – either the resident large featherless maid sweeps them up and carts them away, or they take root, sprout and repopulate the forest floor.

In fact, this is how wild hookbills help to replenish their natural environments – snacks for now and snacks for later. It works!

Say, for example, you have a curved bill and you decide you are hungry for a cracker snack. Your large featherless waitress gets your order right (miracle of miracles) and brings it right to you. You dine with gusto.

A gourmand with feathers enjoys a crispy, crunchy cracker snack.

At the same time – because you are an expert at “multi-tasking,” you manage to strategically miss ingesting certain crumbs so they can fall down and repopulate the forest floor.

Repopulation in progress….

Conservation is a really hot topic today, so when word of your commitment to sustainable snacking get out, guess who shows up to cover the breaking news story….the paparazzi, of course.

You take a few (very cute) press photos in the interests of encouraging others of your kind to join you in your planet-saving work.

A very cute (and very full) feathered being poses for the paparazzi “with cracker” – in the interests of saving the planet.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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