Day 61: The Art of the Poach

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In today’s culture, the word “steal” has an understandably negative connotation.

When you steal something, you are lower than low.

But when you poach something….you are a professional.

Speaking of which, strategic poaching is a skill every top-secret black-ops agent must have in their super spy toolkit.

Here, being naturally petite can really help, because the smaller you are, the less likely the “poachee” (a technical term) is to notice you doing your poaching.

You can literally sneak right up to your quarry, poach it, and fade away into the night, with the poachee none the wiser.

And if your poachee does happen to look your way at an unfortunate moment, you can quickly stun them with “extreme cuteness” – works every time.

Pint-sized super spy .007 has legendary poaching skills, but even he gets spotted sometimes. In this training exercise, .007 trains newbie agents how to use “extreme cuteness” set to “stun” to disorient the poachee and wipe their memory.
Once the poachee has been, er, neutralized, it is time to get to work and poach away!
Poaching a little extra “for the road” is always encouraged – a top-secret black ops super-spy never knows when he might have to take his next meal “to go!”
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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