Day 67: Posing for the Paparazzi

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The best authors (with feathers) make being creative look so easy.

First they announce their new (great) book idea.

The next thing you know, here comes the new book – like, presto!

Nothing to it.

But this is actually the stage where things can get challenging.

The paparazzi, of course, have been waiting with bated breath for the good news.

The moment the new book hits shelves, they are all over it. Literally.

Your large featherless security assistant is useless in these situations, of course, and the crush can quickly become overwhelming.

Here, there is only one thing for it.


Paparazzi love posing.

The moment you launch into your first precious feathery pose, they forget all about jockeying for position, grabbing stacks of books, and arguing about whether your first book or your second book is best (the answer is “both” of course).

Swinging their gear around, the contented paparazzi start snapping away, snap, snap, snap, capturing each adorably cute pose for posterity.

The famous and feathery author appears and an instant hush falls over the formerly frenzied paparazzi.
Posing in preparation to execute a “live” beak-o-graph!
Another pose so the paparazzi can capture the smooth and sinewy grace with which the author…..
CHOMPS down on the knife edge of the front cover – beak-o-graph complete!
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