Day 69: The Great Wheat Grass Conspiracy

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Many times famous actors will create dramatic pieces where they play more than one role.

For instance, they might play themselves….and then their twin.

Or they might choose to play themselves and then also play their co-conspirator (who just happens to look exactly like them).

For this, Love & Feathers’ latest one-avian play, noted actor Pearl Cutts takes on his first dual role in:

“The Great Wheat Grass Conspiracy”

To set the stage: There is a whitewashed window ledge, upon which sits one innocent-looking small wheat grass plant. The actor enters. But this time, he has brought along a co-conspirator (who also has very fetching grey and white feathers).

Hey, do you see what I see?
Yup. Your eyes are as keen as mine. I am convinced that is an off-limits houseplant.
Yup. Your eyes are as keen as mine – I see a fresh and delicious houseplant too.
I agree - it looks delicious. Tender and tasty just like we prefer it.
I agree – the light green color indicates maximum flavorfulness.
Well, sure, I'll sample it first - if you insist.
Well, sure, I’d be happy to sample it first – if you insist.

Director’s note: Here, the audience waits in suspenseful silence….

Nom, nom, nom.....
Nom, nom, nom…..
Nom, nom, nom....
Nom, nom, nom….
Nom, nom, nom, nom....
Nom, nom, nom, nom….

Director’s note: The curtain closes and the house lights brighten. Those guests who linger notice that occasionally small green houseplant shoots fall out from beneath the curtain. 

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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